Queen of Ukraine 2011
Written by a6

In the spring of 2011 during seven programs on the "First National" TV channel television beauty contest "Queen of Ukraine 2011" took place. 48 girls from all regions of Ukraine took part in the contest.
Andrey Eryomin - chief choreographer of the “Queen of Ukraine" has spent a lot of effort to teach the beauties from all cities of Ukraine beautiful dance. After all, the queen of beauty must sparkle not only beauty, but also talent. At the final of contest in the Ukrainian National Opera Ballet A6 performed.

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On Saturday, October 8, in Kiev, an official opening ceremony of the NSC «Оlimpiyskiy». About sixty thousand spectators attended the event. The grand choreographic show was on the opening. Among the suppliers of the show – Angela Kopotya, director of A6 Excellence kids dance studio, and Andrey Eryomin, director of  Ballet A6

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